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Introverts And Extroverts Essay Definition

Extroversion And Introversion: Two Ends Of The Spectrum

Personalities vary. There are no two persons on the planet who are exactly alike in terms of their feelings expression and behavior. This statement holds true even when it comes to identical twins who by definition possess the very same DNA. From the moment they leave the womb they experience environments that are at least slightly different. Some even experience this difference before birth with one twin receiving more nutrients than the other and therefore being born larger and stronger. Still, with all of this in mind the most distinct difference that most people observe has to do with introversion and extroversion. This particular concept lies at the heart of this essay and will be discussed in detail as follows.

Introversion in lay terms

Most likely you have encountered someone before who seems reserved and unwilling to mingle when placed in social situations where strangers are present. They may not exactly be shy but being in crowds is uncomfortable. For such people, being at the center of attention feels mentally exhausting and they do everything in their power to avoid that position. These people are known as introverts. They may have rich imaginative lives and be very creative but feel most comfortable expressing that creativity away from the spotlight. For those who feel drawn to the stage, they often adopt another persona for their performances and only show their true selves to trusted friends and loved ones.

Extroversion in lay terms

On the other end of this spectrum, you will definitely have encountered at least a few people who are quite the opposite of what we just discussed above. They are often the ones who approach strangers first at social gatherings and love being the center of attention. For the, discomfort comes from being all alone or worse yet, being in a crowd and being ignored. These people are known as extroverts and they will go out of their way to participate in social activities that help strengthen the bonds between them and the pack to which they believe they belong.

While most places on Earth have a mixture of introverts and extroverts, there are actually societal traits that make people more likely to favor one personality trait over another. There is a much greater respect for extroversion in western societies which tend to be more individualistic. In eastern societies that are more focused on the welfare of the group many cultural constructs support introversion.

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Why Are Introverts More Social at Home?

The central discrepancy criterion between extraversion and introversion is the perception of the external world. For introverts the inner world of imagination and reflection is closer while extraverts prefer the outer world more. Introverts are more distant from strangers and unknown people spending most of their time in their comfort zone together with people they feel safe with – at home.

Introverts do not like leaving their comfort zone. One of the biggest differences between introverts and extroverts is the way they get their energy. Extraverts are more focused on outside world gathering energy from communication and external interaction, whereas introverts feel themselves more vivid and productive when they are alone in their comfort zone. Many introvert type people are social beyond their homes, they even can feel themselves confident and at ease in company of people, but the main point that they need time alone with their thoughts to balance their energy. Home is the perfect place where they can be more social and in the same time regenerate themselves.

Typical introverts are closed and distant, hold feelings under control from everybody except trusted friends and family members who make them feel secure. It is known that they like to be alone in quietness and undisturbed environment, but that doesn’t mean that they do not want to communicate with others at times. They like to set goals to achieve and missions to perform. Moreover, when the problem is resolved they want to share their experience, otherwise they feel lonely. The point is that they need sincere communication and just with one person at a time. They can turn on social skills without any difficulty, and what is more they are not only good listeners, but also good talkers in conversation fodders they are interested in. Anyway, any interaction with other people becomes a challenge for introverts, that’s why family members is more preferable way to go.

To conclude, introverts are normal people who just need more private space and time for thoughts and analyzing. They can communicate with others, but feel better at home in their shell with people they know and feel safe with.


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