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Notre Dame Campus Housing College Prowler No Essay

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University of Notre Dame Campus Life

Based on housing cost, capacity, student reviews and additional factors.
On-Campus Housing Available
Freshmen Required to Live on Campus
Undergrads in College Housing
of students say overall dorm quality is great.65 responses
of students say the dorms' social atmosphere is great.138 responses
Based on meal plan cost and student reviews on the food.
What are the best food options on campus?
    of students highly rate the dining facilities.67 responses
    Based on quality of housing, food services, student reviews, and additional factors.
    Based on campus diversity, social scene, student reviews, and additional factors.
    What is your overall opinion of your school and the campus community?
    • I love everything about my school and have a lot of campus pride.
    • I like mostly everything about my school, but there are some things I wish were different.
    • The school community is okay-we're all just here for an education, nothing more.
    • I hate my school and have no school spirit.
    Based on crimes on campus, local area crime rates, and student reviews.
    of students say they feel extremely safe and secure on campus.81 responses
    How does peer pressure affect students' use of drugs and alcohol?
    • You can have a great social life without drugs or alcohol.
    • Most people partake in some form, but no one treats you differently if you don't.
    • You'll definitely feel a little awkward if you don't drink.
    • If you don't partake, you're left out.
    How visible are the campus police on campus?
    • Extremely present and willing to assist students.
    • There if you need them but not overbearing.
    • Just there to bust up parties or give out parking tickets.
    How popular are varsity sports on campus?
    • Almost everything on campus revolves around them.
    • Varsity sports are a big part of campus life.
    • Varsity sporting events are attended, but not a huge part of campus life.
    • No one pays attention to varsity sports.
    Men's Varsity Sports
    Golf, Tennis, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Fencing, Soccer, Swimming and Diving, Baseball, Lacrosse, All Track Combined, Football
    Women's Varsity Sports
    Golf, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Fencing, Swimming and Diving, Soccer, Lacrosse, Rowing, All Track Combined
    What are your favorite campus events or traditions?
    • Other dorm events (signatures, sports, etc. )
    • Bookstore Basketball Tournament
    Based on access to bars and student reviews on the party scene.
    What is the party scene like on campus?
    • Tons of raging parties almost any night of the week.
    • Lots of options Wednesday-Saturday.
    • Some decent frat/house parties, weekends only.
    • Good parties are few and far between.
    What is the biggest party event of the year?
    • Not just one, parties/events all year
    • Off-Campus Parties are the best
    of students say they don't have Greek life.68 responses
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    Courses and professors are pretty good at this school. Courses are pretty easy to get into and most class sizes don't exceed more than 25-30 people and there are usually 1-2 sections of the class. Depending on the professor, your class will be great or terrible. Some professors are really good (meaning they only assign homework to reenforce their lesson or a study guide for a test, they have lots of time for office hours, they don't give a lot of busy work, their lecture is interactive and interesting to listen to, etc). Some professors are terrible (meaning they assign tons of busy work, they are unmotivated to teach/explain something during class that is part of an exam, they let students skip class on a regular basis, they use another professor's work instead of creating their own materials, they let students cheat on their exam without any consequence (which breaks the academic code of conduct), etc). The topics covered in class are very extensive and go into detail in upper level courses.

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